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What do the top 1 percent earners make in the us?

According to the National Taxpayers Union, the AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) of the bottom of the top 1% in 2008 was $380,354. AGI is Total Taxable Income minus various items su (MORE)

World War 1 - going over the top?

Means getting out of the protected trench and rushing forward to  try to take the enemy's trench.   This tactic was the cause of the huge losses of life in France.
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How long can an formula 1 car maintain its top speed?

  An Formula One cra with a full tank is capable of maintaining its top speed (220mph) for precisley 16minutes 7.56 seconds. This is only possible if there is enough strai (MORE)

Who are the top female singers of the 70's?

  According to Billboard magazine, the Top 5 Female singers of the 70s are as follows:   *1. Olivia Newton-John (12 Top 20 Hits, 8 Top 10 Hits, 3 No. 1's)   2. Diana (MORE)

Advantages of going over the top in world war 1?

  I wouldn't say there were any "advantages" to going over the top during the First World War. If you were lucky, you survived the attack on enemy trenches. If unlucky, yo (MORE)

Top speed of a valiant R or S?

    Quoting from the unique Cars and Parts web site about the release of the Australian Valiant with the 3.7 litre engine- "The good news didn’t end there, Chrysler (MORE)

Is row 1 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI closes to the field or at the top?

If the section number starts with 1, like Section 128, row 1 is closest to the field. Sections that start with a number other than 1 are much higher in the stadium. Again, ro (MORE)