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What is benign hemangiomas?

A benign hemangioma is a type of tumor of the endothelial cells  that are present in blood vessels. Hemangioma's usually appear in  infancy and grow rapidly during the first (MORE)

What is benign cough?

  A benign cough is one where their is no serious or fatal disease as the cause of it. This type of cough can be caused by a cold, irritants, breathing cold air, nasal dri (MORE)

When is technology benign?

When technology is used to make peoples lives better. Heart Transplants, Fibre Optic Networking to peoples homes, Electricity, Clean drinking Water are examples of benign te (MORE)
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What is a benign mass?

A benign mass is a mass, that is non cancerous. I does not have the invading or destructive properties that cancer does. A benign mas could be a mole, lump, or tumor. They may (MORE)