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What is benign etiology?

Benign etiology means that a condition is not expected to getworse. in the case of tumors, it means that the growth is notexpected to spread to other parts of the body.

What is a benign lesion?

A benign lesion is a growth of cells which is non-cancerous. Amalignant lesion is a cause for concern, as they are cancerous.
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What is benign hemangiomas?

A benign hemangioma is a type of tumor of the endothelial cellsthat are present in blood vessels. Hemangioma's usually appear ininfancy and grow rapidly during the first six m (MORE)

What is benign cough?

A benign cough is one where their is no serious or fatal disease as the cause of it. This type of cough can be caused by a cold, irritants, breathing cold air, nasal drip, a t (MORE)

When is technology benign?

When technology is used to make peoples lives better. Heart Transplants, Fibre Optic Networking to peoples homes, Electricity, Clean drinking Water are examples of benign t (MORE)

Are moles benign?

Most moles are benign, but atypical moles (dysplastic nevi) may develop into malignant melanoma, a potentially fatal form of skin cancer. Atypical moles are usually hereditary (MORE)
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What is a benign mass?

A benign mass is a mass, that is non cancerous. I does not have the invading or destructive properties that cancer does. A benign mas could be a mole, lump, or tumor. They may (MORE)