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Is the Republic of Benin still known as Dahomey?

Not officially, although many of the cultural aspects of the  country are those of the Kingdom of Dahomey, the predecessor of the  French colony (1892-1960). The country was (MORE)

Why do benin speak french?

  Because France colonized this country (formerly called Dahomey's Empire). Bénin got its independance in 1960. Benin fought with the Free France during WW2, and after th (MORE)
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What do benin people in eat?

Beninese people eat a variety of foods depending on the region they  live in. Many of them eat tropical fruits, fish, beef, manioc,  corn, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, peanuts, (MORE)

What happened in the story of the benin head?

the nigerians had a benin head for each leader that had passed away and the british wanted it. the british used to trade with the oba. the oba was in the middle of the festiva (MORE)

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How do you use benin in a sentence?

Benin is a country in Africa. An example of this noun used in a  sentence would be, "Taylor enjoyed his trip to Benin, but he had to  check his suitcase full of exotic fruit (MORE)

Who was Prince Osamwonyi in Benin Kingdom?

Prince Osamwonyi (1857-1977) was the son of Oba Adolo (King Adolo) who ruled the Benin Empire from 1848 to 1888. Oba means King. Three of Oba Adolo's children were Prince Ovon (MORE)