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What do the colors of the Benin flag represent?

The Benin flag consists of a green vertical stripe on the left side and a yellow horizontal stripe on top of a red horizontal stripe on the right side of the flag. The yellow (MORE)
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What do benin people in eat?

Beninese people eat a variety of foods depending on the region they  live in. Many of them eat tropical fruits, fish, beef, manioc,  corn, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, peanuts, (MORE)
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What is the former name of Benin?

Before it was known as Benin, the country was known as Dahomey.  From 1600-1900, the region was known as the Kingdom of  Dahomey, which the French dissolved in 1900. After i (MORE)
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How do you use benin in a sentence?

Benin is a country in Africa. An example of this noun used in a  sentence would be, "Taylor enjoyed his trip to Benin, but he had to  check his suitcase full of exotic fruit (MORE)

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Who was Prince Osamwonyi in Benin Kingdom?

Prince Osamwonyi (1857-1977) was the son of Oba Adolo (King Adolo) who ruled the Benin Empire from 1848 to 1888. Oba means King. Three of Oba Adolo's children were Prince Ovon (MORE)