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Illustrate the jus in personam and jus in rem?

The law of contract is different from other branches of law. It does not lay down any rights and duties that the law will enforce. It contains the limiting principles on the b (MORE)

WHO IS Benito Garza's?

Benito Garza was a Captain in the Mexican Army during the Texas Revolution. His sisters married too Texans and stayed loyal to Texas after the war was won. Benito fought at th (MORE)

Ano ang jus sanguinis at jus soli?

Jus Soli ||> Ang pagkamamamayan ng isang tao ayon sa lugar ng kanyang kapanganakan, anuman ang pagkamamamayan ng kanyang mga magulang    Jus Sanguinis ||> Ang sinumang m (MORE)

Who is Benito vergara?

born June 23, 1934) is a National Scientist who specialized on the field of plant physiology. He is most famous for his work on rice research. Dr. Vergara contributed signific (MORE)

What is de facto jus oritur?

  This phrase is usually ex facto jus oritur. It means the law arises from the facts or the law depends on the facts and conveys the legal principle that in a legal case w (MORE)

What is the difference between jus ad bellum and jus in bello?

The clear distinction between jus in bello and jus ad bellum is comparatively recent. The terms did not become common in debates and writings about the law of war until a deca (MORE)

What is Poke Rez?

If you mean PokeRus, it is short for, "Pokemon Virus". However, it is not bad (It's only negative affect is lowering your Pokemon's friendship) , on fact it is very good for t (MORE)

How to rez objects in Second Life?

To rez objects in Second Life it is necessary to find land upon which build is enabled (sandbox's always allow building) open up the inventory, left click on an object and dra (MORE)