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What is creme developer?

A creme developer is used on the hair to help lift and tone the  color. The developer will speed up the lightening process of the  hair and is typically used when bleaching (MORE)

What does creme of tartar do?

Used in cooking  Cream of tartar is best known in our kitchens for helping stabilize and give more volume to beaten egg whites. It is the acidic ingredient in some brands of (MORE)

How do you get the creme in a creme egg?

When they mold the outter shell, they leave a small gap. They fill this jelly bean sized hole with the creme when the shell is still only half hardened. once the creme is in t (MORE)
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What is creme diplomat?

creme diplomat is made by folding whipped cream into cold creme patissiere (pastry cream). It has the sweet, custardy taste of the creme patissiere but is lighter, both in tex (MORE)

Prices for creme de la creme daycare?

$1295 a month for Infant care, does not include diaper service which bring it close to 1450 for the month. Bring your own formula and food. Regular milk is provided. $880 fo (MORE)

What is Creme brulee?

It is a baked custard that once cooled is sprinkled with coarse sugar and placed under a broiler or salamander until the sugar is burned. Also used today are small propane tor (MORE)
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What is creme?

'Creme' has several meanings.1) It is French for cream (the part of milk with the most milkfat) although it has an accent over the first "e" in French.2) It can also mean any (MORE)

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