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How did Benny Hill die?

Benny Hill   who is also known as Alfred Hawthorne Hill died of coronary thrombosis.   Benny Hill was an English comedian and actor with his own show, The Benny   (MORE)

Who is benny the dog?

A fictional dog from 2001s fictional thriller "Vanilla Sky"   Benny was frozen in a block of ice for three months after falling  into the lake and later found by his owne (MORE)

Who is benny mardones?

Benny Mardones exploded onto the music scene in 1980 and was quickly nicknamed "the Voice" due to his incredible vocal range and soulful, passionate performance of his signatu (MORE)

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What actors and actresses appeared in The Benny Hill Show - 1967?

The cast of The Benny Hill Show - 1967 includes: Yvonne Antrobus as Various characters Peter Diamond as Various Characters Judith Durham as Herself - Musical Guest Dave Freema (MORE)