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What is a benthos?

Plants and Animals associated the ocean bottom for their entire life. Examples are seaweed, coral, sponges, starfish, clams, snails, oysters, and lobsters

What is benthos?

\norganisms that live on or in the bottom sediments of a water body. Benthos is a group of organisms that live on, in, or near thebottom of a body of water.
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Is tuna benthos?

Nope. They are nekton, which actively swim and catch their food. Benthos are bottom-dwellers and mostly filter-feed.
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Is a squid a benthos?

no, benthos is the flora or fauna found on the bottom, or in the bottom sediments, of sea, lake or other body of water.maybe
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Where is benthos located?

Benthos is a term for bottom-dwelling (i.e. on, in, or very near) organisms because they live on the seabed (what is known as the "benthic zone"). There are different classifi (MORE)

Do benthos eat animal flush?

HAHAHAHA i sure hope not but do you mean flesh. if you do then Yes. Benthos do eat animal flesh Chey Hansen Snohomish Wa
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