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What is the plural of bento?

The plural of bento is bento.. The Japanese obtain the pluralization through context and not by adding something to the word. It can be challenging sometimes!
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How do you make a bento box lunch?

There are really no limits to what can be in a Bento box or what can be in it, but the traditional bento consists of these parts: 4 parts rice 3 parts meat or fish 2 pa ( Full Answer )
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Where do you buy bento boxes?

Try purchasing them off one of the websites in the sources and related links below.
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What is a bento box?

a lacquered or decorated wooden Japanese lunchbox. • a Japanese-style packed lunch, consisting of such items as rice,vegetables, and sashimi (raw fish with condiments).
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What do Japanese eat in bentos?

A 'bento' is the Japanese equivalent of a 'lunch box'. Although it can have many things, from an elaborate spread of sushi to teriyaki chicken, rice is a very common compone ( Full Answer )
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What is a balanced bento meal?

A good Balance Bento Meal is a colorful collection of vegetables, Carrots, spinach, Corn, peppers, etc, with Some Black Beans. Also include an egg dish, may it be hard boiled ( Full Answer )
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What type of food is a bento?

well for me bento is a combination of depends on what type of a restaurant you're in..its more likely a combo meal,complete servings of food with drinks and sometime ( Full Answer )
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How do you work Bento 4 for iPad? cannot provide the details on all the functions and options inside software programs. Visit the developers website to get the owners manual for this database progra ( Full Answer )
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Where do bentos live?

Bentos are in Asia, Mostly Japan. Bento boxes are mostly formed in China. But, it was first born in Japan ( the futuristic country).
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When did Bento Hinoto die?

Bento Hinoto died on March 2, 1996, in Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazilof airplane accident.