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How are pica and addison's disease related?

Well, Pica is often a symptom in Addison's disease, which is caused by low Cortisol. So, the only discernible connection I can see is a low cortisol level. I see one of (MORE)

How do people get pica?

  anxiety/depression can cause it. same as if you're feeling nervous and start biting whatever you see (like i do unconsciously). but it can become a habit so becareful if (MORE)

What is elite and pica?

  elite is a type of typewriter that can type twelve characters to an inch and one hundred two characters on one whole sheet of paper while the pica has big prints and can (MORE)

What is pica second?

  A Picosecond is 1/1012 one tenth of a second to the 12th power). Which is the next smallest unit of time from the Nanosecond 1/109 (one tenth of a second to the 9th powe (MORE)

How do anorexia nervosa and pica differ?

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder which is characterised by very low body weight and a need to control and restrict what you eat. Pica is a compulsion to eat things that (MORE)

What is the plot in Juan picas story?

Juan Picas is the boy who looked for God because he's body is only half. He grew as a good boy and his parents love him so much. He found God in his parents. God was very happ (MORE)

What is the treatment for pica?

A complete medical evaluation to discover the cause of the persons craving a foreign substance. This will include, blood and urine tests. In some cases the doctor may want a c (MORE)

Is pica an eating disorder?

  Yes, Pica is a type of eating disorder, but not in the traditional sense. People with pica have an appetite for non-food items, such as dirt, chalk, coal, baby powder, e (MORE)

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