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What is the name of china tea flavoured with bergamot?

The essential oil of Bergamot (a citrus fruit) was originally added to China Black tea and sold under the name of Earl Grey Tea for generations. In recent years any number of (MORE)

What eats wild bergamot?

what eats wild bergambitot is rabbits. rabbits eat lots of different wild flowers and grasses which means a rabbit is a herbivore. This typical flower eats as all plants do th (MORE)

Is bergamot poisonous to mini rex rabbits?

Bergamot is not known to be poisonous to mini rex rabbits (or any pet rabbit breed), but they don't seem to like it very much (it's often recommended as a good rabbit-proof pl (MORE)
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Is bergamot dangerous?

It is not completely harmless, but is safe when used in moderation as a tea additive. Its danger lies in the oil which, when applied to the skin may cause a reaction such as a (MORE)
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What type of fruit is a Bergamot?

A Bergamot is a yellow-orange colored fruit that is much like a lemon, but is much sweeter and juicier. Mostly grown in the southern regions of France and Italy, the Bergamot (MORE)
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What are the benefits of Bergamot Oil?

Some claim bergamot oil cures or at least controls psoriasis by applying the oil to the affected area along with long-wave ultraviolet light. It is also used for the fungal in (MORE)