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Who is the 1st dean of UP college of music?

Francisco Santiago (January 29, 1889 - September 28, 1947), was a Filipino musician, sometimes called The Father of Kundiman Art Song. Santiago was born in Santa Maria, Bulaca (MORE)
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How is Davidson College Division 1?

I always wondered how Davidson College was Division 1 also. The only reason I know is because I played college ball. The reason they are Division 1 is because they go by how m (MORE)
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How hard is it to get into Berklee school of music?

I'm a Berklee student, and the competition is rough, but they care about learnability. If you have the money to learn, have the ambition to steak it out (it is NOT a cakewalk) (MORE)

Is there a fraternity or sorority at berklee college of music?

As of now there are no music greeks at Berklee. There used to be a chapter of Phi Beta very briefly around 2005ish (?), but it was disbanded after only a year or 2. Over the (MORE)

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What colleges in Texas are division 1?

Division IA or FBS schools in Texas: Texas Tech, Texas, Texas A&M, Rice, Southern Methodist, Baylor, North Texas, Texas El-Paso, TCU, Houston. There are ten 1A universitie (MORE)

Can you change college after 1 sem?

Of course you can. But i need to know more about the situation. However, if you are receiving financial aid make sure that you defer your loans, if you received any. The bigge (MORE)
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What is the best college for a music industry major?

  It depends on if you want to audition or not to get in. I will be attending SUNY Oneonta in the fall for music industry and it is a non audition program that focuses mor (MORE)