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What is the origin of Berlin?

  I've just been searching for the origin of German capital and found several version mostly having the same base - Slavonic (not German) origin.   Berlin the name (MORE)
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Who is Lou berliner?

Lou Berliner was a longtime sportswriter at The Columbus Dispatch newspaper in Columbus, Ohio, covering high school and amateur sports in Central Ohio for more than 40 years.

What was the Berlin Conference?

Berlin, Conference of, 1884-85, international meeting aimed at settling the problems connected with European colonies in Africa. At the invitation of the German chancellor Ott (MORE)

How old is Berlin?

1237 is generally accepted as the year of foundation, and in 1987 both parts of the then divided city celebrated the 750th anniversary of the founding of Berlin.
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Who was Irving Berlin?

Irving Berlin was considered one of the greatest songwriters in  American history. He was also the owner of the Music Box Theatre on  Broadway in New York City.

What did the Berlin Confrence do?

The Berlin Act was an important change in international affairs. It created the rules for "effective occupation" of conquered lands, ensuring that the division of Africa would (MORE)
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What is the berline blockade?

The Berlin Blockade is when the Soviet Unit blocked ground access to West Berlin. It was considered the first major international crises of the Cold War and took place between (MORE)