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What is a winter berm?

A berm refers to the way the sand on an ocean beach is shaped under the surface of the water. The shape is different in the summer and the winter due to the intensity, and pos ( Full Answer )
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What does beach berm mean?

A beach berm is a mound of loose material (sand, shingles, shells, jetsam, flotsam) on the backshore of a beach. It records the height to which waves have washed up the beach ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with berm?

firm . germ . worm . perm . sperm . squirm . term . therm
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How do you build a mountain biking berm?

\nBuild a slanted wall, much like a small quarter pipe without a 90° lip at the top (You can keep the 90° lip at the top if you are making a big berm). The berm should b ( Full Answer )
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What is berm culture?

A sub par clothing brand, started by a narrow minded, racist individual called Michael peach.
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Can bermes pythons eat a cow?

Not usually, no. If it's a small calf, it might, but not a full-grown cow.