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What is pivot grammar?

In psychology, pivot grammar refers to the structure behind two  word phrases often used by children. An example of one of these  phrases would be "all gone".    The (MORE)
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What is a pivotal scene?

a moment in which changes something that plays a big outcome in the  end.    Like that moment near the middle or end of Act 2 in any film/play  where plots are twiste (MORE)

What is a Pivot table?

It is hard to describe a pivot table in a simple manner, without showing one. It is a good reporting tool which can sort, sum and count data, amongst other things, independen (MORE)
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What is a pivot in handball?

    This player tends to intermingle with the defense, setting picks and attempting to disrupt the defense formation. Mostly stay close to the line in front of the goa (MORE)

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What is pivot in basketball?

A pivot is when you leave one foot on the ground but you can move the other foot to look and see who is open but NEVER pick up the foot that you left on the ground the Ref wou (MORE)

What is a pivotal state?

Pivotal states are places that have problems with issues such as  population growth, environment, ethic conflict, and human rights.  Some of these places are Africa, Brazil, (MORE)