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Is bernie ebbers alive?

Bernie Ebbers He is serving his 25 year sentence as inmate #56022-054 INMATE NAME & REGISTER NUMBER FCI OAKDALE FEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION P.O. BOX 5000 OAKD (MORE)
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Is bernie fine Jewish?

He isn't a Jewish.   He is infamous for being anti-semitic.   He praised Hitler's effeciency and blamed Jews for Great Recession.   As a result, World Jewish Congr (MORE)

Did bernie mac have any kids?

  Yes. He had a daughter named Je'niece, a son-in-law Tre, and a grandaughter named Jasmine.
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How many kids does bernie mac have?

Bernie Mac had no children of his own. Bernie and his wife raised  his sister's children while she was in drug rehabilitation.
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Is bernies a pronoun?

Since there is no word in English spelled 'bernies', I'm going to  assume that you mean the plural of the proper noun  'Bernie', the name of a person (often a nickname for B (MORE)

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

Although Bernie Sanders describes himself as a "democratic  socialist" his current political positions would more accurately be  described as "social democracy".    S (MORE)

Was Bernie Sanders a governor?

Bernie Sanders has held public office for 26 years - as mayor of  Burlington, US Representative from 1990 - 2006 and as a US Senator  since then. In the years before, he was (MORE)