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What is a free arm sewing machine?

A "free arm" sewing machine is built so part of the machine is  elevated above the surface you have placed your sewing machine on.  This enables the person using the machine (MORE)
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Disadvantages of a treadle sewing machine?

The disadvantages are that it isn't quite as fast as an electric, and depending on it's age, they may not make the bobbins for it anymore. (the very, very old ones from pre-18 (MORE)
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Why did the sewing machine impact the US?

Prior to the sewing machine, every piece of clothing was made by hand, which took hours. The sewing machine mechanized the process and decreased the time needed to make clothi (MORE)

What is a sewing machine?

A sewing machine is a machine which does all the stitches automatically, so it's easier and quicker then hand stitching A sewing machine is a textile machine used to stitch (MORE)
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Can you sew thin cardboard on a sewing machine?

It is not advised as the sewing machine is designed to work with fabric, a much softer and suppler material than cardboard. You would risk major damage to your sewing machine (MORE)

What are the hazards of using a sewing machine?

A few small hazards can occur when using a sewing machine:     You can sew through a nail/skin.  You can get your finger caught under the presser foot.  You can cat (MORE)

Is Bernina 220 sewing machine made by Bernina or is it outsourced to another manufacturer?

The Bernina 220 is made in China in a Bernina factory. Which means it is a factory built by and owned by Bernina. The 220 features the same quality Bernina is famous for.  Th (MORE)

What is the importance of the sewing machine?

Just like any tool that brings to different level of convenience, a simple sewing machine can enhance your efficiency whereas an advanced sewing machine can create much more s (MORE)