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How much is a bernina 910 sewing machine worth?

The Bernina 910 sold for $900 new. These machines rarely appear on Ebay, compared to the more popular Bernina 930, $1200 new. The 910, with it's built in carrying handle, appe (MORE)
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Is bernina 1008 sewing machine made in Switzerland?

The 1008 models of the last few years have been manufactured in Bernina's factory in Thailand. When that line of bodies was replaced a number of years ago, it was uneconomica (MORE)

Is Bernina 220 sewing machine made by Bernina or is it outsourced to another manufacturer?

The Bernina 220 is made in China in a Bernina factory. Which means it is a factory built by and owned by Bernina. The 220 features the same quality Bernina is famous for.  Th (MORE)