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How did Bert convey die?

In April 1990, Convy was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after collapsing while visiting his mother. It was there that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and was giv (MORE)

Who is H Berte?

H. Berte was born in Cap D'Antibes, Riviera in 1912. After moving to Southern France, Berte used his French influences to paint captivating scenes of the Mediterranean coastli (MORE)
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Who was Bert Healy?

As far as is known, Bert Healy is a fictional character from Annie. The emcee of a radio show called Oxydent Hour of Smiles that is part of the story. It's Bert's show that an (MORE)

Bert McCracken's religion?

He was born in a Mormon family, but later he believed in the catholic/christian god, but I don't really know if he officially changed of religion. He has stated in interviews (MORE)

Is Bert mccracken bi?

People believe he is because he 'dated' Gerard way for a period of time, though it is said to have been a friendship. Whether he was attracted or not is questionable and only (MORE)

Bert in wind in the willows?

None of the (vital) animal characters in WITW have proper Christian names. I suppose Mr. Grahame felt the possible assaults of censors as the novel is drawn very realistically (MORE)

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