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What makes Berthold Brecht theater different from the greek and shakespearean theater?

Brechtian theatre is an abstract form of theatre. Its main feature consists of breaking that boundary between actors on stage and the audience watching. Generally, the actors (MORE)

What did Bertolt Brecht want from the theatre?

Bertolt Brecht was born on February 10, 1898 Augsburg, Germany.Brecht wanted the theatre audience to not just stare at the play,but be involved and think about the decisions t (MORE)

What sort of techniques did Brecht use?

Brecht developed a style of theatre known as epic theatre. He believed that in conventional theatre the audience hung up their minds with their coats as they entered the theat (MORE)

Why did brecht call it epic theater?

Why's it called Epic Theatre . Epic relates to episodes, as in a series of independent stories that together form a fuller narrative (with the beginning, middle, and end of (MORE)

What countries did brecht visit?

  B Brecht found it necessary to leave Germany for the USA. To get there he first went ti Denmark, from there to Sweden and then to Finnland until he coulg go on to the US (MORE)