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Why would a narcissist let you go if you were still besotted with them?

I think that even though the narcissist knows that you care for them, they can't help but sabatoge a potentially good and healthy relationship with someone who is trustworthy (MORE)

Why would a narcissist devalue and abandon you when you are still besotted by them?

Answer . I think the simple truth is; because you are no challenge and he is bored.\n. \nLet me explain. \n. \nWhen a person chooses someone intellectually, for their uti (MORE)
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What is besot?

Since you're in the Spanish to English part of Answers dot com, and if the word is misspelled and should be besote, then it's big kiss. Otherwise, I apologize. full of proble (MORE)
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What does besotted mean?

Besotted means drunk or affected by a substance such as alcohol or even a person. Candice*

What is another word for besotted?

\n\n \n Adj. . \n 1. . \n. besotted - very drunk \n blind drunk , blotto , crocked , fuddled , pie-eyed , slopped , sloshed , smashed , soaked (MORE)

What if your friend has changed completely since he met his girlfriend he has different clothes stopped talking to friends etc He's besotted with her but we are worried about him what do we do?

Are the changes bad for him or is it that he doesn't spend as much time with your group? If you can honestly say she is bad for him or causing him to make bad decisions, the m (MORE)