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What is bespoke application?

"Bespoke" means custom made. A bespoke application is a piece of software written (or modified) to meet the requirements of a single customer.

What is a bespoke software?

"Bespoke" means custom-made. For instance, a bespoke suit would be tailored to your individual measurements, not bought off the rack. So bespoke software means software made e (MORE)
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What is bespoke software usually used for?

Bespoke software is software that is mainly used in the United Kingdom. Bespoke software is a customized software for people who can't find what they want in products that are (MORE)
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What is Bespoke software used for?

Bespoke software is another name for custom-engineered software. It is developed specifically for a particular business or organization and tailored to their needs.

What is tailor-made bespoke software?

Tailor-made and bespoke are both synonyms for ad-hoc, one-off or custom-built software. Just as tailor-made suits are made to measure for a client, ad-hoc software is specific (MORE)
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What country is Bespoke Kitchens based in?

Bespoke Kitchens is a registered kitchen business in England. They are based in London, in the United Kingdom, and they have a showroom there as well.
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Where can one purchase bespoke suits?

One can purchase a bespoke suit at many suit retailers or tailors. They can often purchase them used or new online and the suit will be shipped to their home. Often they can (MORE)
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Where can one purchase a bespoke conservatory?

A person can purchase a bespoke conservatory at stores that offer conservatories for purchase; some of these stores include Hardwood Conservatories and Leekes.