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What is the origin of 'crazy as a Bessie bug'?

Type your answer here... Yes, a "Bessie bug" is a bug that lives in/between wet logs in a pile or something similar. You can capture two of them and rub them together and they (MORE)

Who discovered Bessie Smith?

Nobody really discovered her. She worked her way up the show biz ladder. She got world wide fame when she started recording for Columbia in 1923. She started by singing on th (MORE)

What did Bessie blount do?

She was an African-American woman who worked as a physical therapist; she was also an inventor, and her expertise was in helping injured soldiers. She developed an invention t (MORE)

What school did Bessie Coleman go to?

She went to a one-room school for blacks and received an 8th grade diploma, She did not go to high school. but spent one term at Oklahoma Colored Agricultural and Normal Uni (MORE)

Who was Bessie Colman?

Bessie colman the first woman to earn an International Aviation License and the world's first licensed black aviator. The Bessie Coleman Commemorative is the 18th in the U.S. (MORE)

Who is miss Bessie?

Miss Bessie is character mentioned by Carl T Rowan in his writing.  Miss Bessie was his favorite teacher who inspired him to be better  than other average students and obtai (MORE)

What are some of the accomplishment of Bessie Coleman?

Bessie Coleman's major accomplishments were when she moved to  Chicago and got inspired to be a pilot. Since she was black and a  woman nobody would teach, not even the blac (MORE)

What did Bessie Coleman do?

Bessie Coleman was the first African American female pilot. And,  she was the first African American to hold an international pilot  license, which she earn on June 15, 1921 (MORE)

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