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What coffee is best decaf or ordinary coffee?

if it is a swiss water processed decaffeinated coffee, I would say ordinary coffee is best. Swiss water processing removes some of the oils and dissolved components of the ori (MORE)
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Do you have to get a coffee grinder if you get a coffee press?

No, you don't have to. But you will have to buy ground coffee,  which is not as fresh tasting as home-ground coffee. :)     Right, home-ground coffee may be more ta (MORE)
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What distinguishes a burr coffee grinder?

Burr coffee grinder basically uses two revolving grinders. The  revolving grinders squeeze and tear the coffee beans to extract the  oil from the beans. Using burr coffee gr (MORE)
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How can you get the best coffee?

Some of my favorite coffe roasters are Gevalia, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and good ol' Dunkin Donuts. Gevalia is a bit more expensive, but they have great coffee. Green (MORE)

What is the best coffee maker?

There are different kinds of coffee makers accessible in themarket. Finding what is best for you depends on your own particularneeds, tastes and pocketbook. You might start wi (MORE)