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How do you use Bestial in a sentence?

'Bestial' means: resembling a beast, lacking intelligence or reason. Thus a sentence would be: The behaviour of the mob could only be described as bestial as they chased (MORE)
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Make a sentence with the word bestial?

After reading John Douglas's books about is job as an FBI criminal profiler, one has to ask, how are so many serial killers capable of such bestial behaviors?
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Is bestiality immoral?

Yes, but there are also morals that say it is right. The Anti-Bestiality Opinion (TABO) is careless to the sufferers of the illness. Another opinion: Bestiality is a sin, no (MORE)
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How does a girl feel being bestial?

It depends on what you mean by bestial. TheMerriam-Webster Online Dictionary gives several definitions: 1 a : of or relating to beasts b : resembling a beast 2 a : (MORE)
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What is Koran teaching on bestiality?

The Quran does not discuss bestiality, and all mentions of sex are mentioned in relation to other human beings. However, there are hadith that do discuss it, and it is condem (MORE)
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Is bestiality phone sex illegal?

Most animal don't know how to use the phone so nobodies every thought to make up a law preventing or regulating them from doing so.
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Is it legal to view bestiality in the US?

depends on the state you live in, look on wikipeda for beastalityand the law in the united states and see what the laws are in yourstate