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Who is the youngest bestselling author?

I know Suresh and Joyti Guptara could be up there. They published at 11.   either that or eragon by christopher paolini unfortunately   Janna Gohar published Sharktanic, (MORE)

How do you become a bestselling author?

1) Write a really good book  2) Find someone to edit it  3) Find a publisher  4) Work out a payment agreement   If you want to sell/make a bestseller or just a goo (MORE)

What is C.S. Lewis bestseller?

"The Screwtape Letters" is what gained C. S. Lewis his reputation for writing fiction, however, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" is probably better known today.
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What is the bestselling antivirus software?

For this type of software, there is free antivirus and there is paid antivirus software. The best free software is Avast hands down. There is no more complete trial free softw (MORE)