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Why did the battle of big bethel start?

The Battle of Big Bethel started because Gen. Benjamin Butler, the commander of Fort Monroe sent on June 10, 1861 a detachment of 4,400 men to attack the Confederate outpost a (MORE)

What is Palestine?

The confusion as concerns "Palestine" is that it refers to two separate things. Definition 1 The British Mandate of Palestine covered all areas between Egypt, Jordan, Lebano (MORE)

What did jacob see in his dream at bethel?

Jacob saw himself ruling over his brothers in his dream at Bethel.  This was exactly what happened after a series of cruel events.
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What would people drink in ancient Palestine?

"Wine and intoxicating liquor" are frequently mentioned together in the Bible. (Deuteronomy 14:26; Luke 1:15) The term "liquor" should not be understood to mean that these bev (MORE)
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How did they make ancient Egyptian towns?

    The Ancient Egyptian "Towns" are actually called city states. Peasants & Artisans both shared mud brick apartments. Scribes & Government officials lived in houses. (MORE)

Where is Palestine?

There are three different definitions of Palestine: a country (the  recognized Palestinian Authority or the unrecognized Arab dream to  replace Israel), a British Mandate (f (MORE)

What are common elements in Ancient Roman towns?

Common elements in Ancient Roman towns are columns used as support  for the buildings, aqua ducts as plumbing system, bath houses, one  of the first towns to have roads, and (MORE)

What is a group of people who threatened the Hebrews' position in ancient Palestine?

There was no ancient Palestine. The land of Israel was only renamed  "Palestine" AFTER the Jews were expelled  in the year 70.   The enemies of Ancient Israel were as nu (MORE)

Where is the name Bethel mentioned in the Bible?

Another answer from our community:    In the New King James Version (NKJV), it first appears here:  Genesis 12:8   8 And he moved from there to the mountain east o (MORE)