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Who is Bubba Rothschild?

Bubba Rothschild is the name of the individual attending a party in Provence France while Sabrina (1995) that she tells David Larrabee about while attending his mother's lavis (MORE)

Is the Rothschild family Jewish?

Yes, most members of most Rothcschild families are Jewish. The surname is German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) and is a habitational name from a house distinguished with a red sign (MORE)

Who are rothschild?

The Rothschild family is descendants of Mayer Amschel Rothschild.  Notable members include Mayer Amschel and Nathan Mayer Rothschild.  Amschel started a banking business in (MORE)
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How did the Rothschild get rich?

- Controls the bank of England   - Engineered the federal reserve in the US   - Frankfurt is the home of the Rothschild banking dynasty   - They control the intern (MORE)

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Where did the Rothschild bloodline started?

The Rothschilds are Jews, and the origin of most Jews, of course, was in the Middle East several thousand years ago. However, they were forced out of their homes there around (MORE)