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How many mudras are there in bharatanatyam?

There are different mudras, depending on the source. In Natya Shastra there are more than are described in Abhinaya Darpanam. Prof.Raghuraman of Kalakshetra is working on tra ( Full Answer )
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How many items in bharatanatyam margam?

Before Tanjore Quartet, there were 18 items. . Now, there will be about 6 or 7 numbers in a bharatanatyam margam: pushpanjali, allaripu, jatiswaram, varnam, thillana, and sha ( Full Answer )
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How do you dress up for bharatanatyam?

There are several types of Bharatanatyam costumes (see ). Bharatanatyam dancers may wear a two-color temple dress with an open-an ( Full Answer )
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What is angshudhi in reference to the Bharatanatyam?

It is the overall co-ordination of the body movements in reference to the established (correct) trajectories. The "cleanliness" of moves, or how perfect your moves are.
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What is bharatanatyam classical dance all about?

bharatanatyam dancers are all about many different things. sometimes, we are trying to get a story across to the audience - could be mythological, or personal. bharatanatyam i ( Full Answer )
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Is bharatanatyam junior exam difficult?

It is not so difficult, if you learn it briefy or if you have somuch inteest, it will be easy !
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The meaning of the word Bharatanatyam?

it is a form of ancient dance practiced in India more particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu in Indian..
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What is the difference between bharatanatyam and kuchipudi?

Bharatanatyam originated in Tamil Nadu (south), while Kuchipudi originated in Andhra Pradesh (mid-east). Bharatanatyam devotes a lot of focus to the "aramandi" position, or h ( Full Answer )
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Who is the first Bharatanatyam dancer?

Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai . Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai He was Born On September 22, 1869 in the family of suryakumar Nattuvanar who was a renowned musician and scholar. ( Full Answer )
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How do you be a best bharatanatyam dancer?

ok.first have to find for a professional dance master and practiceeveryday.Always think that you can be a best dancer one day.than doperformances in schools.