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Is Biafra still biafra?

The Republic of Biafra declared it's independence from Nigeria onMay 26, 1967. To this day Biafra is still Biafra even though somecountries do not recognize it as its own enti ( Full Answer )
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Did the Beatles support Biafra?

John Lennon condemned "Britain's involvement in the Nigeria/Biafra thing", when he returned his MBE medal in 1969.
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How was the nation Biafra created?

Nigeria is a country made up of several different cultures and languages, and that is due to the colonists who decided to just clump a whole group of different people into one ( Full Answer )
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Can biafra be recorganize and when?

It is still possible to have Biafra, because the ills that brought about the proclamation of the state of Biafra from Nigeria are still very much alive and being sustained by ( Full Answer )
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How did Jello Biafra become famous?

Jello Biafra became famous for performing as the frontman to the band 'Dead Kennedys', as well as numerous political stunts. He initially got famous for a number of lawsuits a ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Jello Biafra been in?

Jello Biafra has: Played himself in "This Is America Part 2" in 1980. Played himself in "Randale und Liebe" in 1981. Played himself in "Anarchism in America" in 1983. Played h ( Full Answer )
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Is a Biafra a country in Africa?

No. It once was, from 1967 to 1970, after it seceded from Nigeria.After a bloody civil war costing millions of Biafran lives, Biafrafinally surrendered to the Nigerian governm ( Full Answer )