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What is in the Bible?

The answer from God's word: Concerning the Bible (1): When the Age of Grace arrived, people had already been reading theBible for generations, thou ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have a Bible?

I have a Bible so that I can learn to be more Christ-like and glorify Him. After all, that's what HE put us on this earth for.
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Were do you get a bible?

You can usually borrow a Bible from a library or church. Most book stores have Bible available for purchase.
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Where in the Bible is 'I am'?

It is used more than once and in different parts of the bible. For example, when Moses sees the burning bush, he asks God who he is. God replys,"I am."
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Where can you get a Bible?

Try to find it on-line. one can also buy a bible from book shops or CUM books which has bible devotion booklets and Christian cd's
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Why do we have a Bible?

Catholic Answer We have the Bible because God in His great Love for us, has caused these books to be recorded for us. They contain the Word of God in God's Own Words which is ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a Bible from?

a church, a bookstore, or just anywhere Research and try to find the Recovery Study Bible
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Who did The Bible?

I believe that the Bible was written by many different people over quite a long period of time, but that they all knew what God wanted them to write. When I read the Bible I r ( Full Answer )
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How can you bible?

It is unclear from your question if you are asking how a person can understand the Bible, or read it, or what. Please clarify what you are asking.