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What are Bibles?

Bibles hold information The word bible has been used on the frontof book covers for various subjects from cooking recipies tocomputer terminology offering a person information (MORE)

How did we get the Bible?

Well, depends on what you believe. If you are a Christian, then you would believe that God inspired the people to write down (1) what they saw through visions or dreams or (2) (MORE)

How did you get your Bible?

church. shop. history place in london. lots of places type it into google it will come up#. i am a historian and a re teacher!!. xx

What is the Bible for?

to help youlearn more about God The bible is God's word, and the message of salvation to everyone. ANOTHER ANSWER: For those who take to heart and do what the Bible (MORE)

What has The Bible?

The Bible has the history of the Hebrew people, the warnings of the prophets, the prophecies of the bible and in the new testament the teaching of Jesus.

Where you get The Bible?

Bookstores or onlne. Some hotel rooms have them. They are also available in churches and from Bible Societies.

What is the Bible and what is in it?

It is a collection of true stories, songs, and prophecies that show how God loves us and how He has pardoned us for rebelling against Him if we choose to accept it. There are (MORE)

Where can you get Bible?

You can buy a Holy Bible in most book stores. You can also read theHoly Bible online for free a If the bookstores inyour area don't sell them, you can ask th (MORE)

What is the Bible for you?

The instruction manual for mankind in order to live a happier, fuller life. Scripture reveals my Creator God to me and teaches me how to communicate properly to Him. It tells (MORE)