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What is in the Bible?

The answer from God's word:   Concerning the Bible (1)   When the Age of Grace arrived, people had already been reading the  Bible for generations, (MORE)

Is a devotional bible a study Bible?

  It is sorta the same. a devotional bible is a bible that helps you understand and pray about a section of the bible in you quiet time with God. and a study bible is more (MORE)

How do you know if your Bible is a Catholic Bible?

If your Bible is not the King James Bible, or has more than 66 books, it is likely to be a Catholic Bible. The Catholics have more books in their Bible, which are of questiona (MORE)

Is 'Bible' in The Bible?

The Bible (also known as the Holy Scriptures) speaks about itself.  Here are some verses:    1) 2 Timothy 3:15-17:    And that from infancy you have known the h (MORE)

Is the Gideon Bible a Protestant Bible?

Yes, Gideons International (who provide Gideon's Bibles) is an evangelical Protestant organization. A typical Gideon Bible or New Testament contains: a short preface;a pamph (MORE)

Does the Bible speak about the Bible?

The question is not clear, If you mean can a person speak about the bible then in most places it is allowed, but not in Saudi Arabia and some other countries. If you are askin (MORE)

Why is The Bible called the 'Bible' and what does it mean?

From the Wikapedia The Bible means literally, "the  books" and refers to any one of the collections of the primary  of http://w (MORE)

What is the Bible and what is in it?

It is a collection of true stories, songs, and prophecies that show how God loves us and how He has pardoned us for rebelling against Him if we choose to accept it. There are (MORE)

Is the Hebrew Bible the real Bible?

A:   The ambiguity of this question hides its very ambiguity. The Bible,  at least the Old Testament part of it, is the Hebrew Bible, and  nothing else. We can discuss d (MORE)