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Is there A psalm about The Bible in The Bible?

"Check out Psalm 119. he is referring to God's word." This answer above is misleading. Many people today, when they say, "God's Word" and "the Bible" are using the words as (MORE)

Who was Jael in The Bible?

The name is actually "Ya'el" [meaning Yah is Elohim] wife of Heber the Kenite [The letter 'J' does not exist before 1578 and the sound of a hard 'j' as we use it today not unt (MORE)

Is today's Bible the original Bible?

No. There were different versions of the composition of the Bible  even back in the Babylonian exile. Ben Sirach for example was  considered to be part of canon at one point (MORE)

Which Bible is closest to Hebrew Bible?

All translations of the Hebrew Bible involve some opinion and  interpretation. Accuracy in translation is not easy to measure. In  my opinion, the best English translation i (MORE)

What is sinew in The Bible?

A muscle along the thigh by which muscle are attached to bones (Job 10:11). Because of Jacob's (Yacov in Hebrew) thigh injury, Ysraelites avoided eating sinew of the thigh (Ge (MORE)

When was The Bible first called The Bible?

My Suggested "Edit" Has NOTHING To Do  With Your Wording,   Or Definition, As Such,   [Once I've Finished "Seeing Red;"   And "The Smoke Fumes Cease Being Emitted (MORE)

Is the Catholic Bible the first Bible?

Roman Catholic Answer The first Bible is the Jewish Bible, known to Christians as the Old Testament. The Christian Bible is, and always was, the "Catholic Bible". Jews of toda (MORE)

What is the Bible and what is in it?

It is a collection of true stories, songs, and prophecies that show how God loves us and how He has pardoned us for rebelling against Him if we choose to accept it. There are (MORE)