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Decades ago basketball players academic and professional wore short shorts. Nowadays they wear baggy shorts over bicycle shorts. Why?

Fashion doesn't need a reason other than someone thinking "hey,  this looks cool".   As to why THAT happens, well, you might as well ask why some  people prefer a certai (MORE)

What is bicycle day?

  On April 19, 1943 Dr. Hofmann, the Swiss scientist who invented LSD (drug) intentionally ingested 250 µg of LSD, which he hypothesized would be a threshold dose. After (MORE)
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How do you get the bicycle in Pokemon?

It differs from game to game. In Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow after you defeat Misty and travel through to the bike shop. They are at first too expensive, but after you reach Ver (MORE)

Why are bicycles called bicycles?

"Bi" means two, and "cycle" means a full-circle or revolution -  as in the wheels. Thus, the contraption with 2 wheels going around  was termed"bi-cycle"!
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Who invented the bicycle?

James Starley is the father of the industry of the bicycle. There  are several people credited with the invention of the bicycle  including Kirkpatrick Macmillan and Pierre (MORE)

What does a bicycle do?

A bicycle provides a method of human powered transportation so a person can travel on wheels. The person must learn to balance on the device, steer, and work the pedals. It ha (MORE)

Why was the bicycle invented?

For much of man's history on earth, he had two choices for getting around, either on foot or on the back of an animal (such as horses, mules, and wooly mammoths). Bicycles wer (MORE)
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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How do you convert a bicycle to a stationary bicycle?

  You can buy something called a "trainer", which attaches to the rear wheel and lifts it off the ground. With that, and a phone book under the front wheel to get the bike (MORE)

Why bicycle is not flywheel?

A flywheel is (usually) a heavy, solid chunk of spinning metal that is used to store rotational energy. Combustion engines have them to make them run smoother at low revs. W/o (MORE)