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How do you use the word 'biennial' in a sentence?

This plant is a biennial, it takes two years to grow from seed to fruition and die... 2. The commonwealth Games are one biennial after the Olympic Games.. -----. 2. This is (MORE)

Is watermelon an annual biennial or perennial?

Watermelon is a "true annual". True annuals will only live longer than a year if they are prevented from setting seed. Some other examples of "true annuals" are corn, lettuce, (MORE)

Are carnations biennials perennials or annuals?

The flower that people recognize as a "carnation" ( Dianthuscaryophyllus or clove pink) is a herbaceous perennial plant.Within the carnation or dianthus group of flowers ther (MORE)

Is a tomato biennial?

yes because you plant the tomatoes seeds in the spring and the are ready to harvest by the end of the summer. if you don't harvest them they will rot so a total of two seasons (MORE)

What is a biennial crop?

Biennial crops are crops plants which complete their life cycle in two years One example is onion seed in which the seed is planted in early to mid-summer one year, then th (MORE)

Is potato is a biennial plant?

yes The potato plant when grown from the seed forms tuber in first crop season and when these tubers are planted, each tuber develops in to another plant bearing flowers that (MORE)