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What is the difference annuals biennials and perinnals?

Annual plants grow from seed and flower, make seeds and then die in one season (year). Biennials grow from seed in the first year and over winter to flower, make seeds and die (MORE)

How does biannual differ from biennial?

Biannual (and semi-annual) means `twice a year' (i.e., six monthly) whereas biennial means `every two years' (i.e., every 24 months). Both are best avoided for the sake of cla (MORE)

Is a tomato biennial?

yes because you plant the tomatoes seeds in the spring and the are ready to harvest by the end of the summer. if you don't harvest them they will rot so a total of two seasons (MORE)

What is a biennial crop?

Biennial crops are crops plants which complete their life cycle in two years One example is onion seed in which the seed is planted in early to mid-summer one year, then th (MORE)

Is turnip a biennial crop?

Yes, it is. Like an onion, a turnip doesn't bolt and flower till spring of its second year. The bright yellow flower self-pollinates, matures, and is harvestable during mid-su (MORE)

What is the Italian translation of 'biennial'?

Biennale is an Italian equivalent of the English word "biennial." Specifically, the Italian word is a feminine/masculine adjective in the singular. The pronunciation is "by (MORE)
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What is the meaning of biennial plants?

A biennial planted in one year, grows roots, stems and leaves, thenlays dormant over the winter. Flowering takes place in the secondyear - followed by seeding and the plant dy (MORE)