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Do you have proof about the big bang theory?

Big Bang Theory - Evidence for the Theory What are the major evidences which support the Big Bang theory?First of all, we are reasonably certain that the universe had a begin (MORE)

Is there a loophole in big bang theory?

It is important to first realize that the big bang theory is a theory; it is not a physical law on its own for which there might be loopholes. However, I think (correct me i (MORE)

What does the Big Bang theory explains?

The "big bang" was the logical result of postulating the past of an expanding universe. It was coined as a derogatory expression by those who believed in a "infinite" (at le (MORE)

Big bang theory of the Philippines?

The big bang theory is a theory on the creation of the Universe. The Philippines were created due to tectonic plate movements. The Big Bang theory has nothing to do with the (MORE)

Who wrote the big bang theory?

Jesuit priest Georges LeMaitre, in 1927, was the first to propose the cosmology now known as The Big Bang.
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What is a summary of the big bang theory?

The Big Bang theory is an effort to explain what happened at the very beginning of our universe. Discoveries in astronomy and physics have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that (MORE)

What are big bang theory effects?

the effects of the Bing Bang Theory are what we see around today.The bing bang theory led to the formation of the stars,the planets ,the galaxies it expanded.As the uni (MORE)