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How big is a PS3 slim box?

Console is Approximately 11.42" (W) x 2.56" (H) x 11.42" (D) (290mm x 65mm x 290mm) packaged into 13.385"(w) x 13.385"(h) x 6.299"(d)
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What are opinions of Big fish game store?

Dont whatever you do use big fish games it has hacked into my files and has spread over a 100 viruses in my computer and can not be deleted so whatever you do do not use it ot (MORE)

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How big can a box turle get in 4 years?

They can get very big, I lost my Box Turlte after a year of keeping  and then found him again in a year and a half and he was three  times the size he was before.
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What stores carry Yellow Box Shoes?

Yellow Box Shoes, known for their style and high quality, were founded in 1998. There are a variety of stores that carry their amazing shoes, including Amazon,Zappos, DSW and (MORE)