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What is the big secret on invizimals?

Go to the "World Map". Hold down SELECT and press UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT in that same order, you should hear a sound and a new location should pop up on your map (if you do not (MORE)
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Which city big city tirunelveli or erode?

No doubt its erode . . . . . . Nellai is not an industrial city . :) were as erode is called to the textile valley of india . . . . Nellai and madurai are called to be big vil (MORE)

How do you get into the secret room on Big Nate Island?

It is behind the filing cabinet, which is behind the teacher's desk in the Detention Room. It is where you find the school bell clapper to fix the bell. The filing cabinet i (MORE)

Where is the secret entrance in spark city world?

The answer is go to the sushi lounge an press the fish a door will open then press the star to go in to the rooftop
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How big was the secret annex?

The annex was on two floors, not  including the attic. The lower floor was a bathroom, and two  side-by-side rooms, one two windows wide, the other one window  wide. The fo (MORE)

How do you know when to trust a friend with a big secret?

Answer Got the perfect solution for you. Trust no one especially if the secret is really big. Keep it to yourself as the one who confided in you will eventually find out tha (MORE)

How big is Vatican City?

  0.17 square miles It's a very small complex, less than 1/5 of a square mile (less than 1/2 sq. km.)
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How do you tell someone a really big secret?

  tell them that it is a really big secret and they need to keep it to themselves. Also saying something like "don't tell anyone or else everyone will hate us both forever (MORE)
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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