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Who wrote great fleas have lesser fleas?

  Augustus de Morgan did. A very similar poem was also written in the 1700s by Jonathan Swift. A. de Morgan's version can be viewed as a modernization. de Morgan: Grea (MORE)

How to treat flea bites on people?

The best option is to leave the current bites alone and get rid of the fleas - you will need to treat any mammalian or avian pets that you have as well as the entire house. A (MORE)

What makes flea bites itch?

Fleas and other biting insects have a certain chemical protein in their saliva that breaks down the host's blood. This chemical also numbs the area that is being biten that is (MORE)

How do you get fleas?

Dogs, cats, rodents, and other animals can get fleas from being  outside near other animals. Some animals have fleas and an ear mite  infection, so check your pet's ears for (MORE)
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How big can a flea get?

I'm not sure how large one could grow. With that, we work with stray animals a lot, cleaning, dipping, etc.. I have seen tons of pretty nasty fleas. The biggest I have yet to (MORE)

Do snow fleas bite?

No, snow fleas do not bite. They are harmless. They are also known as springtails.
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How do you know if you have a flea bite?

The following symptoms indicate fleabites: - There are usually a LOT of them. - The marks are red and itchy. - The marks show no evident "wound". - The marks will disa (MORE)

How do fleas bite?

When a flea gets hungry, it pounces onto it's host. Once on  the host, it pays a host fee of approximately $160.00 flea dollars  per night, depending on the economic class o (MORE)
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Are flea bites dangerous to babies?

Flea bites can be dangerous to babies. The saliva of fleas contains  anticoagulants which can cause severe infections in infants.
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