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What was Ed Sullivan known for?

Ed Sullivan is best known for his weekly variety show that ran for more than 20 years, every Sunday night. Some of the most famous people in show buisness first appeared on th (MORE)

What is the value of an Ed Sullivan autograph?

Autographs are based on the popularity of subject (signer/s) and hence demand. The condition is very important as well. WHat the autograph is placed on and many more issues ad (MORE)

Who were the Fighting Sullivans?

Five brothers of the Sullivan family who all died in the same battle action. they were honored by the nomenclature of a USN destroyer- USS The Sullivans. Service policies were (MORE)
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Where is ed Sullivans daughter betty?

Ed Sullivan's daughter, Betty Sullivan currently is located in  California. She actually married the producer of the Ed Sullivan  show.

Who is Kevin Sullivan?

A pro-wrestler and was champion several times. A satanist, and people have accused him of killing Chris Benoit and his family, as much of the evidence does point to him.
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What is the Sullivan rule?

In the case of New York Times v. Sullivan, the United States Supreme Court ruled that free speech included a citizen's right to criticize government officials even if statemen (MORE)

What did Anne Sullivan do?

Anne Sullivan taught Helen Keller. She taught her to read and write braille. She also taught her to understand the words Anne wrote in her hand. She first communicated with He (MORE)