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How big do cutthroat trout get or what is considered a big cutthroat trout cause the biggest cutthroat trout i have ever caught was 16 inches so im curious cause ive caught many much larger rainbows?

I have landed cutties up to 22 inches. I have seen them up to 24 and a half inches and rumors of over 30 inches. There are 2 main types of cutties, a sea cuttie and a fresh wa (MORE)

How big does a rainbow trout get in fresh water?

A Steelhead, genetically identical to the Rainbow Trout, are separated by state because only some states have Steelhead in their streams. As far as Rainbow Trout, it depends o (MORE)

Why there has a rainbow?

Answer . Rainbows happen because of rain droplets acting as a prism and converting the light from the sun, to the whole visible light spectrum. The spectrum is Red Orange (MORE)

How is double rainbow different from a rainbow?

The usual rainbow is the arc of color you see in the sky when light "reflects" off of the droplets in the atmosphere and is typically seen in bright sun after a rain. Sometime (MORE)
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How is a rainbow formed?

Rainbows are caused by the reflection and refraction of sunlight in millions of raindrops. The Sun must be behind the observer and fairly low for a rainbow to occur. This is (MORE)

What does rain have to do with a rainbow?

  A rainbow is seen when the atmosphere is high in humidity and the sun light is refracted through water droplets in the atmosphere. This condition is most perfect after a (MORE)
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What colors does the rainbow have?

The rainbow consists of the visible spectrum ranging from red,  orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.    =======    Answer #2:    The rainbow (MORE)

What is LOST about?

LOST is a series centered around the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. The storyline follows the 'adventures', if you will, of the marooned survivors. As the series progresses beyo (MORE)
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How big are rainbow fish?

Rainbow fish species can vary in size, with the largest growing up  to 20 centimeters in length. The smallest species is under 3  centimeters in length.