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What is the population of bighead carp?

I am assuming that the question refers to the rivers of the central USA, where bighead carp and its close relative the silver carp have reached extremely high abundances in th (MORE)
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How do you say bighead in Spanish?

If you are refering to a person with a large head, the Sapnish words are cabezon or cabezudo.
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Is Justin Bieber bigheaded?

No he is very nice as a person actually and hopes people will treat him nice for who he is not just because he's famous.
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Where do you go after you gave bighead the tulip on wild west?

Well, it depends what you haven't done yet. If you have gotten the train to the station yet, the ride the train and get the gang with the potato gun. If you haven't done that (MORE)
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Where can one find NFL bigheads toys?

NFL Big Heads toys are available to purchase online from retailers and listings, such as: Clarks Toys, Amazon, Listia, eBay, Shop Wiki, Walmart and Toys R Us.