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What is Bilateral Circuit?

  It is a circuit that behaves the same way if it is connected in the opposite direction. The term is typically used for components in electrical circuits. For example, a (MORE)

What is bilateral network?

if a network is having both sides voltage and current sources; and if the direction is changed from any side there will be no change in circuit characteristics. so it is calle (MORE)
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What is bilateral bronchopneumonia?

Bilateral bronchopneumonia is a type of pneumonia occurring in both  lungs and affecting the bronchi as well as the lungs. Pneumonia is  caused by infection from viruses, ba (MORE)

What is bilateral oligopoly?

Bilateral Oligopoly is a market structure in which a few sellers and a few buyers exist and both demand and supply sides have market power. There is no absolute equilibrium de (MORE)

What is a bilateral contract?

A bilateral contract is a contract which requires agreement and performance from both parties to the contract. Most of what we think of as contracts are bilateral in nature. O (MORE)

What is bilateral mistake?

An error made by 2 parties, who believe differently and/or incorrectly about the facts in the contract. bilateral or mutual mistake; a material fact that is mistaken by both p (MORE)

What is a bilateral system?

A bilateral system is where both parts of a system are equally  important for the proper function of the system. The two parties  are directly affected by the system functio (MORE)