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What is deficit financing?

Macroeconomics: Planned expenditure by a government to put more  money into the economy than it takes out by taxation, with the  expectation that increased business activity (MORE)

What is proprioception deficit?

Proprioception is how you perceive your limb position in space  without visual confirmation. A proprioception deficit is when you  can't tell the location of your limb in sp (MORE)

What is a trust deficit?

A trust deficit just means a lack of trust ... between people or nations. If you and your parent or sibling don't trust each other, you have a trust deficit. And when countr (MORE)
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What is Bilateral Circuit?

  It is a circuit that behaves the same way if it is connected in the opposite direction. The term is typically used for components in electrical circuits. For example, a (MORE)

What is bilateral oligopoly?

Bilateral Oligopoly is a market structure in which a few sellers and a few buyers exist and both demand and supply sides have market power. There is no absolute equilibrium de (MORE)

What is pulse deficit?

It is the difference in the apical pulse and the radial pulse. These should be taken at the same time, which will require that 2 people take the pulse. One with a stethoscope (MORE)

What is a bilateral contract?

A bilateral contract is a contract which requires agreement and performance from both parties to the contract. Most of what we think of as contracts are bilateral in nature. O (MORE)
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What is bilateral symmetry?

  a basic body plan in which the left and right sides of the organism can be divided   ----   into approximate mirror images of each other along the midline.   -- (MORE)

What is bilateral mistake?

An error made by 2 parties, who believe differently and/or incorrectly about the facts in the contract. bilateral or mutual mistake; a material fact that is mistaken by both p (MORE)

What is the opposite of Deficit?

  The opposite of a deficit is a surplus. A deficit occurs when a country's expenses are greater than their revenues. A surplus is the opposite.
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