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What is deficit financing?

Macroeconomics: Planned expenditure by a government to put more  money into the economy than it takes out by taxation, with the  expectation that increased business activity (MORE)

What is a trust deficit?

A trust deficit just means a lack of trust ... between people or nations. If you and your parent or sibling don't trust each other, you have a trust deficit. And when countr (MORE)

What is a deficit?

A deficit is a shortage. Similar to anaccount that is overdrawn. in  other words you are spending money that does in reality not exist  yet.     Deficit spending i (MORE)

What is stockholders deficit?

  Stockholder's deficit represents a negative book value of a publicly traded company, i.e. the company has greater liabilities than assets (It owes more than it owns).  (MORE)

What is pulse deficit?

It is the difference in the apical pulse and the radial pulse. These should be taken at the same time, which will require that 2 people take the pulse. One with a stethoscope (MORE)

What is fiscal deficit?

When a government's total expenditures exceed the revenue that it  generates (excluding money from borrowings). Deficit differs from  debt, which is an accumulation of yearl (MORE)

What is the opposite of Deficit?

  The opposite of a deficit is a surplus. A deficit occurs when a country's expenses are greater than their revenues. A surplus is the opposite.
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What is motor deficit?

A motor deficit is caused by either a malfunction of the central  nervous system or a malfunction of the peripheral nervous system.  Involuntary muscle contractions can also (MORE)