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What is Bilingualism in education?

Bilingualism in education is process by which classes are taught inmore than one language. It assists students in learning languagesmore quickly.
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What are Emergent bilinguals?

"Emergent bilinguals" is the most recent term being used by linguists to describe foreign- and second- language students. Emergent bilinguals have previously been called "ELLs (MORE)
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What is Bilingualism?

Bilingualism means that there is more than one official language for example Canada has English as a fist language and French as a second language. An individual can be bili (MORE)
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Why is it important to be bilingual?

Being bilingual allows you to communicate better with other people. It can aid you in school, business, travel, or everyday life. Many people find that learning a second la (MORE)
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What is a bilingual policy?

It is a set of laws or regulation that a government (of a country of region) adopts in favour of the use of two languages by its citizens. This may result in things such as ro (MORE)
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How do you become bilingual?

Bilingual means you can speak two languages so you become bilingual by learning another language.
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Is Haiti bilingual?

Yes the population speak both French and Creole( a language form by the mixture of Spanish , French , Native Indians, and Africans local languages), some part of the populatio (MORE)
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What is bilingual studies?

im not sure what is bilingual studies but bilingual education is learning a subject with two language. like in physics, in my country, we are taught in bilingual where eg. ene (MORE)
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What is a bilingual country?

A country which has two native spoken languages, an example of thisis how in Canadian people speak French and English generally
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What does the concept of bilingualism about?

The concept of bilingualism is about speaking more than one language, generally two. It may also be referred to as multilingualism. Canada is a bilingual country with offici (MORE)