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What is Fai D Flowrights Past?

Ok, I have kind of Memorized it now.... Fai D. Flowright was born with a twin brother name Yuui. He was born to the second prince of the country, and their mother died of ch (MORE)

What does kalo fai mean?

in samoan it means I feel sorry for you(them). I am not sure of the correct spelling. 
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In Samoa

What is the English translation of the Samoan words Fai fai pea?

The phrase "fai fai pea" is a Samoan chant typically used by plantation workers whilst gathering the harvest in the plantations. It is also used by individuals carrying long a (MORE)

What is fay seal?

Faying surface seals consist of a layer of sealant sandwiched between two fastened mating surfaces. These seals are used primarily to prevent corrosion of aircraft structure a (MORE)

How did Dodi Fayed die?

Dodi (Al) Fayed died from injuries sustained in a fatal car crash in Paris, 31st August, 1997. His autopsy and burial took place within 24 hours of accident in keeping with Is (MORE)

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What is a faying weld?

A "faying edge" is the edges of two materials that are to be joined. This is the surface of a member in contact with another member to be welded.
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What is the meaning of old-fay?

You might be referring to the term ofay which is a deragatory term for a white person. Or it could refer to a shortened version or abbreviation for Old Faithful the Geyser in (MORE)

What is the acceptance rate at the Fay School?

Fay School is located in Southborough, Massachusetts. It is a  boarding school for 450 students in grades 7-9, and a day school  for pre-kindergarten to grade 9. Its accepta (MORE)

Fay Thesis of World War 1?

Fay Thesis left Harvard to study Sorbonne. She then wrote a book  about The Origins of World War 2.
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