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What is the English translation of the Samoan words Fai fai pea?

The phrase "fai fai pea" is a Samoan chant typically used by plantation workers whilst gathering the harvest in the plantations. It is also used by individuals carrying long a (MORE)

What is a faying weld?

A "faying edge" is the edges of two materials that are to be joined. This is the surface of a member in contact with another member to be welded.
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What does je fais mean in English?

Basically, "je fais" means "I do". Fais is a form of the verb faire, which is one of the most common French verbs and so has a huge number of possible translations, all depend (MORE)

What is a Fais Do Do?

a lighthearted way of saying "to go to bed," usually used with children around bedtime  (More specifically, it is a kind of Cajun dance party to which children are brought an (MORE)

What is fay seal?

Faying surface seals consist of a layer of sealant sandwiched between two fastened mating surfaces. These seals are used primarily to prevent corrosion of aircraft structure a (MORE)

What does the word le fay mean?

It is the anglicized form of French "la fée", meaning "the fairy". It seems strange that English speakers would add this pseudo French epithet to the name of the fairy "Morg (MORE)