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How did Haleys comet get its name?

A famous astronomer saw the comet for the first time when his aunty haley died. Hense haleys comet!
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Who is Bill Haley?

Bill Haley (1925-1981) was a pioneering rock and roll singer. With  his group, the Comets, Haley was the first performer to score  national hits with what is now called rock (MORE)
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What does Haley mean?

Haley is a scandonavian name that means brave and  heroic. In Hawiian it means flower offering. In  Italian it means cheer. There is one last meaning that I  know of, it is (MORE)

What song has the name Haley in it?

Haley - Need to Breath Second Chance - Shinedown Dream on Hayley - James Morrison Hayley - Empires Hurricane Haley - Forever The Sickest Kids
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How did bill Haley die?

Media reports at the time said "natural causes, most likely heart attack" but family members are on record as blaming a brain tumor Haley began suffering from in 1979-80.
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How do you spell Haley in pig latin?

Pig Latin is normally only spoken, but it would be spelled out Aleyhay. (Aley-hay) *The game language Pig Latin alters English words by removing the first consonant sound (or (MORE)

Where is Haley Toyota located?

Haley Toyota of Richmond is located at 3600 Lonas Pkwy: Midlothian VA 23112. The directions to the dealer location is accessible from the companies website. The phone number a (MORE)