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Who was Sandra Murray?

Sandra Murray, professor of cell biology and physiology, the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine, Pittsburgh PA. In 1999, Murray became the first African-American wo (MORE)

Who is Andy Murray?

Murray is currently the UK's best ranked player, with a current world ranking of 4. This is his highest ranking ever. The last British player to rank anywhere near was Tim Hen (MORE)

Does Bill Murray Have any children?

Supposedly he has four children amongst two wives. It's clearly not very well publicized because that information wasn't too easy to come by. Bill Murray is also a very privat (MORE)

I never have heard where Bill Murray has spoken of his religious beliefs and you know he was raised Catholic so is he still Catholic and does he believe in Jesus Christ?

Bill Murray was raised in a Catholic family (Irish Catholic parents who had nine children) and his sister, a Dominican Sister, made headlines with her one-woman show on Saint (MORE)