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What is the bill?

A television programme for ITV. The Bill was made in October 1984. It is a police crime drama originally called The Investigator. When it was released for a second time on ITV (MORE)

What is a bill of attainder?

A legislative act pronouncing a person guilty of a crime without a trial. Such as acts prohibited to the U.S constitution.
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What does the constitution say about the bill of attainder?

The Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 9, paragraph 3 provides that: "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law will be passed."
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What is a Bill as in Buffalo Bills?

  The Bills were named as the result of the winning entry in a local contest, which named the team after the AAFC Buffalo Bills, a previous football franchise from the All (MORE)

Who has the power to pass bills of attainder?

According to Article I of the United States Constitution it is  expressly forbidden for Congress to pass a bill of attainder. Since  Congress is the law making body this mea (MORE)

What are bills?

a bill is a law that is unapproved and is not in action, if it is appoved it will be the law a bill has to go through many stages before this though and that includes the hous (MORE)
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What is a bill attainder?

A bill of attainder is an act of legislature that declares a person  or group of people guilty of some crime and punishes them without  privilege of a judicial trial. The bi (MORE)