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International bill of exchange?

International Bills of exchange or IBOE (promissory note or certificate of deposit) are similar to checks and promissory notes. They can be drawn by individuals or banks and a (MORE)

Can a drawee to a bill of exchange be the payee?

No,drawee is the person upon whom the bill the exchange is drawn. in general debtor is the drawee.drawer is the peson who sold the goods on credit. drawer make the bill of exc (MORE)

Characteristics of modern bill of exchange and how does a bill of exchange operate?

  The important characteristics of a bill of exchange are:   1. It must be in writing.   2. It must be an order to pay, and not a request to pay.   3. The or (MORE)

What is the difference between bill of lading and bill of exchange?

  Bill of Lading   Issued by carrier. Showing Consignee, Exporter, quantity of goods, Type of godds, etc.   Bill of exchange   Issued by exporter/shipper. Showing (MORE)
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What do you understand by dishonour of bill of exchange?

DISHONOUR OF THE BILL OF EXCHANGE When the Bill of exchange is not accepted by the drawee, or payment is not made against the bill by the drawee, the bill is is said to be dis (MORE)
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What is the disadvantages of bills of exchange?

The disadvantages of bills of exchange are that they can lead to  sales of credit and possible business loss if the bill is lost.  There are fewer disadvantages to these bil (MORE)
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Where I can exchange your old dollar bills?

A person can exchange their old dollar bills at their local baking establishment. They may also exchange the bills for cash through a collector or dealer.
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