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How do you pronounce the name whelan?

There are a couple of possible pronunciations depending on the family history of the person the name belongs to. It's origin is gaelic, and as far as I know, the traditional p (MORE)
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What is a sucker bill?

It's an old expression, been around the Ozarks(probably in other areas too)for a long time. It's a mildly derogatory description of something or someone that a person doesn't (MORE)

Who is Bill Russell?

"Bill" Russell (born February 12, 1934) is a retired American professional basketball player who played center for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (N (MORE)

Who can write a bill?

since a bill is just a reminder that you owe someone money,any body long as the person who recieves it really entered into a financial agreement with the person who s (MORE)

What is a Bill as in Buffalo Bills?

  The Bills were named as the result of the winning entry in a local contest, which named the team after the AAFC Buffalo Bills, a previous football franchise from the All (MORE)

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What is the Heyburn Bill?

The Heyburn Bill of 1906 is the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 except in bill form.
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What was the Bursum Bill?

in the simplest terms, the Bursum Bill deprived the Pueblo Indians  of their land and their water and left several thousand Mexican and  American claimants to fight each oth (MORE)

What is the definition of bill?

A bill (noun) may be :   a proposal (resolution) for a new law  a demand for payment  a piece of paper currency  a list : bill of fare) or the list of actors in a play  (MORE)

What is a bill attainder?

A bill of attainder is an act of legislature that declares a person  or group of people guilty of some crime and punishes them without  privilege of a judicial trial. The bi (MORE)