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Is withered an adjective?

It can be, to mean dried, dead, subjected to withering (withered  vines). It is the past tense and past participle of the verb to  wither (dry up, shrivel, or wane), so it c (MORE)

What is the wither in Minecraft?

There are two mobs with wither in it name: Wither Boss: One of the two bosses in minecraft along with the ender dragon. It shoots out skulls which make tiny explosions and da (MORE)

Is bill withers still alive?

  Yes, he is- he celebrates his 71st birthday in three day's time, on US Independence Day.
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Where are a horse's withers?

  This is the place where both shoulders come together on top of the back just behind the neck.   a horse's withers are right above the shoulders. if you place a saddle (MORE)

What are the withers of a horse?

  the withers are the bump just after where the mane stops. the saddle should be just behind the withers.   the withers are the bump just after where the mane stops. th (MORE)
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What is a withering glance?

It's a kind of look that is intended to make someone feel ashamed. For example : He said that Lizzie had been drunk at that time and I saw her shoot him a withering glance.